Booz Allen Hamilton

Modernizing Government Services

Some of the region’s government institutions face challenges that strain the process of modernizing delivery of essential services. Learn ideas for solving these challenges from Booz Allen Hamilton’s experience in developing and implementing transitions for delivery of e-government services to mobile devices, and how they are now being applied in the Middle East and North Africa.

Government Innovation from Within

Facing budgetary and socio-economic challenges, governments must consider innovation as a strategic priority. Government organizations should define a tailored innovation agenda and develop the right set of innovation enablers.

Smart Governments in the MENA Region

While governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have embarked on the Smart Government journey, much still needs to be accomplished to reach a true state of Smart Government.

Smart Cities

As the embrace of technology changes how people perceive and experience life, digitization presents a powerful opportunity to enhance how they live within cities. 
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