Booz Allen Hamilton

Leveraging Cloud Technology & Analytics

The Middle East and North Africa has the opportunity to leverage innovations in cloud technology and big data analytics. Discover how these technologies can benefit regional organizations as they build out large-scale IT deployments to support e-government, critical infrastructure, and private sector organization services.  

Securing and Enabling Data Driven Oil Fields:A Look at the Key Drivers and Critical Success Factorsof Operationalizing Digital Oil Fields

Technological advancements in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry have allowed for the execution of increasingly complex projects. These projects enable the rapid and reliable recovery of hydrocarbons in even the most challenging environments.

Cloud Analytics Playbook

Booz Allen Hamilton uses its Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture to build technology infrastructures that can withstand the weight of massive datasets – and deliver the deep insights organizations need to drive innovation.

Next-Generation Governance

Enhanced Decisionmaking Through a Mission-Focused, Data-Driven Approach

Making Cloud a Reality

Cloud computing has been mentioned across all technologies and enterprises as the solution for creating and improving information technology (IT) efficiencies.

Harnessing Big Data to Solve Complex Problems: The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture

Booz Allen’s Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture is an entirely new approach for the implementation of big data in the digital enterprise - a way of using technology, machine-based analytics, and human-powered analysis to create competitive and mission advantage.

Enabling Cloud Analytics with Data-Level Security

Booz Allen’s data lake approach enables agencies to embed security controls within each individual piece of data to reinforce existing layers of security and dramatically reduce risk. Government agencies – including military and intelligence agencies – are using this proven security approach to secure data and fully capitalize on the promise of big data and the cloud.

Developing a Business Case for Cloud

Our Cloud cost model offers a total-value perspective on IT cost that evaluates the explicit and implicit value of a migration to cloud-based services.